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COD LEAGUE: Playoffs Day 5 Results

New York Subliners vs London Royal Raven

Map 1: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Zero (Royal Ravens) hits beautiful flanks and helps his team to victory with great spawns by the Hardpoint and goes 30/26 K/D ratio.

Subliners 180 – 250 Royal Ravens

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Arklovs Peak

ZooMaa with an amazing 3 piece after his teammates getting cut down at the beginning of the round, help turn the Subliners hopes around and they win the map with aggressive “A” pushes after a few rounds of being slow.

Subliners 6 – 4 Royal Ravens

Map 3: Domination on Gun Runner

ZooMaa and the Subliners come out hot, within the first 30 seconds they triple cap the Royal Ravens and eventually go up by 40+ points. London comes back slightly, but New York has the answer and wins game 3.

Subliners 176 – 145 Royal Ravens

Map 4: Hardpoint on Rammaza

Skrapz and Zero (Royal Ravens) lead the team with great flanks to put their team on the hardpoint quick by gaining great spawns for their teammates. London pushes a game 5.

Subliners 209 – 250 Royal Ravens

Map 5: Search and Destroy on Rammaza

Royal Ravens take the momentum from game 4 and take down the Subliners with ease. Subliners had no counter to help their chances.

Subliners 1 – 6 Royal Ravens

London Royal Ravens win the series 3 – 2.

Florida Mutineers vs Optic Gaming Los Angeles

Map 1: Hardpoint on Rammaza

Kuavo (Optic Gaming) led the team with Kills and great plays to help push the first win for Optic Gaming. Kuavo finished off with a 37/29 K/D ratio, and the all star for Mutineers would be Owakening going 38/28. Mutineers were pushing back hard but couldn’t finish it off.

Mutineers 214 – 250 Optic Gaming

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Gun Runner

Optic Gaming punished Mutineers with quick offensive attacks and winning gunfights. Easy win for Optic Gaming.

Mutineers 1 – 6 Optic Gaming

Map 3: Domination on Hackney Yard

First round goes to Mutineers, 89 – 68, after switching spawns and taking A and B side, which is the easier side of the map. Second round, Optic Gaming starting off on the wrong side eventually switch the spawns, grabbing A and B. Around 1 minute left in the match, Optic Gaming triple cap Mutineers being down 20+ points, they come back leaving it all on the line, grab the win and the series. Intensity was key for Optic Gaming, because of the big pushes towards B. Kuavo and TJHaLy go off at the end getting kill after kill, pushing the Mutineers away from B and C.

Mutineers 154 – 158 Optic Gaming

Optic Gaming Los Angeles win the series 3 – 0.

London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra

Map 1: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Royal Ravens were able to get the favorable spawns and get to Hardpoints first, but the Ultra kept breaking in and stealing the last of the time. Ultra have a big push around the money hill, grab it and hold on to get game 1.

Royal Ravens 230 – 250 Ultra

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Gun Runner

Fast intense plays by the Royal Ravens, aggressive pushes on A site to put the pressure on Ultra. Royal Ravens win game 2.

Royal Ravens 6 – 4 Ultra

Map 3: Domination on Gun Runner

First round goes the way of London, 90 – 61. London come out swinging in the second round with Skrapz and Seany leading the way and the end to get the Win. Massive upset produced by the Royal Ravens to get the Domination map.

Ravens 154 – 144 Ultra

Map 4: Hardpoint on St. Petrograd

Seany (Royal Ravens) lead the team astronomically to victory, with a 34/14 K/D ratio and over 2 minutes on the hardpoint. Insane revenge against the Ultra pushing them into the Losers bracket. Royal Ravens win the map and the series.

Royal Ravens 250 – 179 Ultra

London Royal Ravens win the series 3 – 1.

Chicago Huntsmen vs Optic Gaming Los Angeles

Map 1: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Intense back and forth between Optic Gaming and Huntsmen. Huntsmen contest the second to last Hardpoint which gives Formal the opportunity to take the hardpoint at Mine Cart, giving Chicago game 1.

Huntsmen 250 – 241 Optic Gaming

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Gun Runner

Both teams come out strong but Optic Gaming push and grab crucial first bloods to help them out tremendously. TJHaLy comes out massive on the last round with a quick 2 piece to finish off the Huntsmen.

Huntsmen 2 – 6 Optic Gaming

Map 3: Domination on St. Petrograd

Very close Round 1 with Huntsmen up by 3 points. Optic Gaming come out very strong in Round 2, and get a quick lead with a big B and C hold for a good amount of time, and win the round easily.

Huntsmen 133 – 159 Optic Gaming

Map 4: Hardpoint on Rammaza

Prestinni going big for Huntsmen with a K/D of 33/24 and with the longest time on the hardpoint for his team with a 1:21. Huntsmen push a Game 5!

Huntsmen 250 – 218 Optic Gaming

Map 5: Search and Destroy on Arklovs Peak

Absolute bloodbath of a Search and Destroy. Back and forth rounds going into a round 11. Round 11 was crucial with everything on the line. Prestinni gets smoked right off the bat, then a few go down for Optic Gaming as they come into the B site. Scump grabs a kill before he dies. Comes down to a 1v1, Envoy vs TJHaLy, and Envoy comes up huge and gets the win for Chicago and the series.

Huntsmen 6 – 5 Optic Gamin

Huntsmen win the series 3 – 2.

An Epic Day 5 of the COD League Playoffs!

Only a few more days until Champs, are you ready?

If you have any plans or the weekend, cancel them, because Champs are August 29th (Saturday) and August 30th (Sunday).


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