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COD LEAGUE: Playoffs Day 3 Results

Chicago Huntsmen vs New York Subliners

Map 1: Hardpoint on Rammaza

Subliners come out big on the first two hills of the map and take a 100+ point lead. Huntsmen start to come back but the Subliners out gun them and take the win. Attach leads the way for the Subliners with a K/D ratio of 27/16.

Huntsmen 168 – 250 Subliners

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Arklovs Peak

Intense Search and Destroy going into a Round 11, Arcityz clutches up for the Huntsmen and Prestinni helps on the flank to take out key players like Attach with the sniper.

Huntsmen 6 – 5 Subliners

Map 3: Domination on Gun Runner

Very close, intense gun fight for both teams, the end of Round 1 the Subliners had a 4 point lead. Huntsmen clutch up and grab the win at the end with seconds to spare.

Huntsmen 149 – 145 Subliners

Map 4: Hardpoint on Hackney Yard

Subliners take advantage of tire shop early against the Huntsmen and every Hardpoint they were able to scrap together priceless seconds to help them achieve victory with ease.

Huntsmen 231 – 250 Subliners

Map 5: Search and Destroy on St. Petrograd

Scump “The King” with a K/D ratio of 12/3 clutched up for the entirety of Game 5 and blew the Subliners out of the water. Subliners had man advantage many times this match but couldn’t make the team effort to come away with the victory.

Huntsmen 6 – 2 Subliners

Huntsmen win the series 3 – 2.

Florida Mutineers vs Toronto Ultra

Map 1: Hardpoint on Azhir Cave

Great early push for Ultra, winning by 70 points at the beginning of the map, getting to the first 3 points before Mutineers. But Mutineers have a strong push towards the end of the gaming, going up at one point, but Ultra with a team effort bounce back and get the win.

Mutineers 235 – 250 Ultra

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Picadilly

Havok (Mutineers) with a great presence on the map getting double kills in multiple rounds, gets the win. Cammy (Ultra) with a K/D ratio of 2/9 has his worst performance on S&D Picadilly all season long, usually he is lights out with the sniper.

Mutineers 6 – 4 Ultra

Map 3: Domination on Hackney Yard

After Cammy (Ultra) having a bad Map 2 on S&D Picadilly, he bounces back and leads the team through a tight intense match with a K/D ratio of 28/18. Ultra walk away with a close ending match.

Mutineers 156 – 161 Ultra

Map 4: Hardpoint on St. Petrograd

Merk calls the end of this map CHAOS, and it was! Mutineers make an outstanding comeback down by 40 points in the middle of the game, the end of the map Ultra was winning 246 – 230. Mutineers take the lead with the final seconds ticking off the hardpoint, but Ultra rush in kill off the Mutineers and take Game 4.

Mutineers 249 – 250 Ultra

Ultra wins the series 3 – 1.

Great Day 3 of the COD League Playoffs. Day 4 coming tomorrow!

Things are getting so intense and each match is worth so much money. Don’t stop now, keep fighting until the last second.


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