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COD LEAGUE: Championship Day 2

Dallas Empire vs Atlanta FaZe (Best of 9)

EMPIRE starts 1-0, because they were in the Winners Finals and get compensated for coming out on top against FaZe the day before.

Map 1: Hardpoint on Azhir Cave

Huke the Nuke going off for the Dallas Empire with a K/D ratio of 37/20. Constant great hardpoints from Empire, but Atlanta when they would get a hardpoint, Empire would break in almost instantly and grab the remaining time. Dallas go up 2-0.

Empire 250 – 173 FaZe

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Gun Runner

Empire pushes up on aBeZy (FaZe) not allowing him to get his first bloods with more damage after the fact. CrimSix with 13 kills and Huke and Shottzzy with beautiful flanks to help Empire win the map, FaZe has only lost 2 times on this map all year long in Search and Destroy.

Empire 6 – 3 FaZe

Map 4: Domination on St. Petrograd

Great first round for FaZe, going up 83 – 65, playing most of the time with B and C flags. Second round starts out with a great flank from Clayster and iLLeY to grab C and cap B for Empire. Empire finally is able to tie up with FaZe around 20 seconds left in the map, Huke with a huge moment in the game is able to cap A when FaZe is not looking (FaZe grabbing C at the time) and Empire keeps B and grabs the close win for a big 4 – 0 lead.

Empire 158 – 152 FaZe

Map 5: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Hardpoints were going the way of Empire at the beginning of the map, but the slayers for FaZe started to pick up around midway through the map, knowing that this could be it for FaZe’s chances if they don’t clutch up. FaZe grab great time on P1, going into Depot with great spawns up by 30+ points. FaZe get on the board and make it 4 – 1.

Empire 211 – 250 FaZe

Map 6: Search and Destroy on Rammaza

Empire was able to get first bloods and man advantages early in rounds to really help out their winnings rounds, but FaZe wasn’t able to clutch up in key situations. Big key moment in this map was when Majormaniak in Round 4 was so close to clutching it up for FaZe, but Clayster hops on the bomb to defuse early, iLLeY gets downed by Majormaniak and unfortunately his clips runs out of bullets and Clayster gets the key diffuse to put them up 3 – 1 in the map. Empire gets Map 6 and the series.

Empire 6 – 3 FaZe

Empire wins the series 5 – 1.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dallas Empire on winning the Championship!

CrimSix is the MVP of the Playoffs and Champs, with Clayster and Crimsix getting their 3rd ring by winning this Champs!

What a year it has been for the COD League! Enjoy the off-season players, its been so much fun covering the COD League this season. Can’t wait for next season!

Have a great day!


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