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COD LEAGUE: Championship Day 1

London Royal Ravens vs Chicago Huntsmen

Map 1: Hardpoint on Rammaza

Contested first map 1 with a hot start from the London Royal Ravens, able to take down a fire hot Huntsmen team that always seems to win their first maps. Seany and Zero with great plays around the map for Royal Ravens, and Skrapz with a beautiful 3 piece to keep the construction building Hardpoint for the Royal Ravens. Royal Ravens come out big and win map 1.

Royal Ravens 250 – 224 Huntsmen

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Rammaza

Huntsmen come in with a clutch Game 2 performance. Prestinni with quick first bloods with the sniper, Envoy with the flanks, and Scump grabs the game finishing kill with more clutch kills before that as well. Huntsmen grab Game 2.

Royal Ravens 4 – 6 Huntsmen

Map 3: Domination on Gun Runner

Scump (24/17) and Formal (18/9) help the Huntsmen get an early lead into the first Round, winning by 20+ points. London start to come back into the second round with Zero on flanks, but Huntsmen come away with a close victory.

Royal Ravens 145 – 160 Huntsmen

Map 4: Hardpoint on St. Petrograd

Huntsmen break out a big 100+ point lead grabbing the first Hardpoint and gaining a perfect 60 points. All Huntsmen players were popping off this round, especially Prestinni and Scump with break in after break in of any Hardpoints being gained by the Royal Ravens. Scump breaks into the diner hardpoint, grabs 1 kill and Arcityz cleans up the rest and they get the win and the series.

Royal Ravens 166 – 250 Huntsmen

Chicago Huntsmen wins the series 3 – 1.

Chicago Huntsmen cracks into the Top 3!

Atlanta FaZe vs Dallas Empire

Map 1: Hardpoint on Azhir Cave

Dallas goes off with a big 70+ point lead grabbing Hardpoint after hardpoint. Far away chance for FaZe to come back, Atlanta was able to keep the game going with Dallas winning 249 – 199. FaZe needed a perfect Hardpoint hold, but Dallas was able to protrude the base of Atlanta and grab the point for the map 1 win.

FaZe 230 – 250 Empire

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Gun Runner

Great team work from FaZe with Cellium and Priestahh leading the way and aBeZy getting crucial first bloods. FaZe grab map 2.

FaZe 6 – 4 Empire

Map 3: Domination on St. Petrograd

Dallas control Round 1 with 88 – 67 point lead. FaZe come out with a 20+ point deficit and grab a triple cap to bleed the Empire to a convincing 2 point deficit, then hold 2 flags the entire rest of the map. Simp goes off with a 27/17 K/D ratio. FaZe gets map 3.

FaZe 161 – 153 Empire

Map 4: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Great back and forth gun fight for both FaZe and Empire. FaZe get the bigger “money hills” first, but Empire break in, outside of mine cart hardpoint, and grab the scrap time to keep Empire up throughout the entire map. What an insane finish to the map, final hardpoint Empire and Faze and tied up 239 – 239, Empire get favorable spawns and push FaZe out of the point and grab the win. Empire push a Game 5.

FaZe 239 – 250 Empire

Map 5: Search and Destroy on Rammaza

Empire clutch up with a big round by Shottzzy, and FaZe lose rounds that they had the early success with numbers in players vs enemies. Empire wins the clutch Game 5 and the series.

FaZe 3 – 6 Empire

Empire wins the series 3 – 2.

Empire goes onto the finals and FaZe have to face Huntsmen for the last spot in the finals.

Atlanta FaZe vs Chicago Huntsmen

Map 1: Hardpoint on Gun Runner

Prestinni (32/28) and Envoy (29/24) lead the team to victory, absolute stampede by the Huntsmen to grab game 1.

FaZe 166 – 250 Huntsmen

Map 2: Search and Destroy on Arklovs Peak

Back and forth match going into a Round 11, quick bomb set up by FaZe and it comes down to a 1v1, which is Formal and Cellium. Cellium hides behind a crate waiting for Formal to pop up, Cellium gets the sure kill and FaZe win the map.

FaZe 6 – 5 Huntsmen

Map 3: Domination on Gun Runner

FaZe come out to a small lead in round 1 but Chicago come back and finish of round 1 with a draw 79 – 79. FaZe come out hot in the second round grabbing B and C and they never let up, FaZe grabs the win.

FaZe 168 – 147 Huntsmen

Map 4: Hardpoint on St. Petrograd

Huntsmen have a perfect beginning to the hardpoint grabbing 45 points on the first Hardpoint before any Huntsmen die, it was all Huntsmen at the beginning of the round. FaZe come back tie it up and go up in the last hardpoint, Huntsmen push one more time, but Cellium going on a 7 kill spree and simp locking down the hardpoint FaZe take the win and the series.

FaZe 250 – 239 Huntsmen

FaZe win the series 3 – 1.

Championship Weekend has been a blast! Day 2 tomorrow! 

Best of 9 will be a rematch of Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe to see who takes the Champs trophy and 1.5 million dollars!

Tomorrow is going to be HUGE!



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